Music Video: TOSHO AOKI MAKOTO Story

Production: THE TWO, Inc.
Music: Tosho Story (Long. Life Story Dub) / TAKAFIN
Credit: Director, Videographer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Editor

Hiroshi took charge of creating a music video for the track “TOSHO STORY,” performed by the renowned reggae DeeJay from Osaka, TAKAFIN, exclusively for the Japanese professional boxer, Makoto Aoki. The video was filmed during Aoki’s training camp in the Philippines, adopting a documentary style.

日本のプロボクサー、青木誠のために制作された、大阪で人気のレゲエディージェイTAKAFINによる曲「TOSHO STORY」をフィリピンの合宿中に監督/撮影したドキュメンタリー映像をベースにミュージックビデオの制作を行いました。

Art work for Makoto Aoki designed by Hiroshi Takano