Short Film: If Tomorrow Comes



Client: TV Asahi / Gunma Pref.
Genre: SF Drama / High Concept
Credit: Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Art Director, Graphic Designer

Selected as one of the ten participants in the joint project “Future Talent Port” by TV Asahi and Forbes Japan, Hiroshi produced a three-minute film set in locations across Gunma Prefecture.

テレビ朝日とフォーブスジャパンの共同企画「Future Talent Port 」による若手作家発掘プロジェクトの10名に選出され、群馬県のロケ地を舞台に3分の映像作品を制作致しました。

One morning, a sudden emergency declaration from the Prime Minister to the nation announced that today would be the last day on Earth. As panic swept across the globe, Eri decided to return to her hometown, where she hadn’t been since graduating high school, to spend her final day. There, she coincidentally encountered Ryo, whom she had once harbored feelings for. On the last day of Earth, the two set out to reclaim their lost youth, retracing the places filled with memories.

Production Note:
Hiroshi produced a teaser video and movie poster for a fictional feature film, exploring the idea of “What if we filmed a full-length movie in Gunma Prefecture?”

Movie poster designed by Hiroshi Takano


「もしも、群馬県で長編の映画を撮影したら?」をコンセプトに架空の長編映画のティザー動画と映画ポスターを制作しました。 長編構想と企画書がございます。興味ある方はご連絡ください。